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     I have not heard music, of course, not sang songs. I, however, know music. I have gotten knowlege of music at school. 
    Various music in this sight are maden by such as me.  If you have free time, I would like you to listen my music. Thank you.


 "Graduation1,school days,US
  (march,school instant,nisiyama hymn)"
Lyric           Nov. 23rd,2014
Conposed  Jan. 27th,2014

Studing abroad, spring flow to field.
Mountain sing songs, wear circle cloud.
Big US scenery we 've views with joy.
Songs flow like blue water, large field,
we stand up.
At our school, we see that baffalos roar and
run, are gentle and warm, fond of us.
Spring starts warm, gives bliss to all.
Water and time, now is spring.

Summer's for young people, the sun shines high,
strong. Horses have rest,
leaves of shadow are dark black.
Cool wind to cheeks, it calls summer clouds,
thunder sometimes in eyes, hands to ears,
strong summer in USA scenery.
Summer's like good change of life,
Water fall, summer's now.

Autumn, the fall of the year, quiet season.
Yellow leaves in US scenery whirl and fall.
Wealth, however, come to us.
Arz brevis, vita longa same as leaves fall,
whirl round.
Long art is nature, this is US art.
From long time ago, we have having
autumn of arz.

Winter is come on, there's chill air round
us. We give warm breath to hands, have
early walk with  long boots in snow.
Roof of house, white trees,  all is white,
We pass through school gate, in class room,
it is warm like spring.  Here's spring, too.
Rotation of season, US spring is again.
 Sokyo, it is best, today.
 Letter of "Berry", verticall writing.
 brack fluid paint of squid, willow....
【word】Graduation and next stage,
        there are very many good dreams.
        Nice life !!!, you surely have.
         Blue Spring
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    Akinokori World Literary   vol.2
        "I am Machine."
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