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** It is very difficult for me to understand english. There may be wrong usage of words, then, I say to you,  "Sorry."
     I have not heard music, of course, not sang songs. I, however, know music. I have gotten knowlege of music at school. 
    Various music in this sight are maden by such as me.  If you have free time, I would like you to listen my music. Thank you.

           in Kamaisi, Japan             

                9th  May ,2009
Early  spring,  grasses  shine.
There  have   been  my  studing  ages,
I   graduate   now  on. 
Writing notes and reading  books,
Kamaisi's  eternal model.
I make up these memories  with much pleasure.
I have  good future.

The sun in the morn',
A  drop o’  water  on leaf  speaks  me,  "the finest years."
                                    says to me, "the finest years."   2009.11.23
I go on stage now on.
You  are  well    in the ground. 
Kamaisi  reminds  you  o'   nice  fellow.
In memory, with  teacher, almost I am.
I have good future.

All the time, people say
Ceremony   o'  Kamaisi  is nice
I graduate now on.
You and I study hard,
it will be old memory
o' fine days at school.
Remember Kamaisi ,
after leaving.
Hurray!!  I have good future.