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The Footprints               translated in
           Jan. 29th, 2011.
The night of autumn, it is long.
There is the moonlight over me.
My hairs are long in the brow.
My long hairs in the brow.
The wind blow weak,stars shine
in the dark sky.
Very long time ago, in my youthful days,
I read a book in the moonlight.

Hearing river stream, in my eyes,
the letters of the moon in its light,
I look at your shadow in curtain,
I come to see you a long way with joy.
You show up to me on your hearing my boots sounds  with smile.
The moon gives us light ring.
The moon light holds us.

With people I live in the earth.
I like my good life much.
Beyond all trouble, I live, with you, in this world.
I leave footprints in the way. There remain foot sounds.
Do you know me and my dream of the world?
My dream comes true right now on.      
    Do you know me and my dream of the world?
    My dream comes true right now on.