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** It is very difficult for me to understand english. There may be wrong usage of words, then, I say to you,  "Sorry."
     I have not heard music, of course, not sang songs. I, however, know music. I have gotten knowlege of music at school. 
    Various music in this sight are maden by such as me.  If you have free time, I would like you to listen my music. Thank you.

                       trancerated in 2010,
                       by  I.Kobayasi
Across the red river                    
The sky is blue.      
Red rains fall down, enemies are going down
There are many enimies under catapilla. 

Car of war run and run,    
soldiers go ahead.
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Godess of war smile, 

at me, round me 、all is fight. 
We are sure winners .
Vertical line 's yellow ,     
My horse gallops on ,