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** It is very difficult for me to understand english. There may be wrong usage of words, then, I say to you,  "Sorry."
     I have not heard music, of course, not sang songs. I, however, know music. I have gotten knowlege of music at school. 
    Various music in this sight are maden by such as me.  If you have free time, I would like you to listen my music. Thank you.


Fragile  flower ; groop song,  flower-field and lake

http://otoko.org/2013e/mizyuku160.mid     upper and lower  wind 

http://otoko.org/20130224B.mid               programed,   made by me

http://otoko.org/2013e/mizyuku40.mid    5/4

http://otoko.org/kizuna.mid                      D, 3-half-tone 

http://otoko.org/mizyuku71.mid                 turtle

http://otoko.org/2013e/mizyuku130.mid    chimney

http://otoko.org/2013e/mizyuku120.mp3    3/4  elephant

http://otoko.org/2013e/mizyuku50.mid       3/4,2/4    crow

http://otoko.org/mizyuku85.mid                  tango;   stone by sea

http://otoko.org/2013e/mizyuku40.mid          5/4    sun,cloud, dragon, dragon gets  at sun-ball